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What is Thyrovanz?

Thyrovanz is a Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) supplement meant to be taken so as to support thyroid function and enhance the body’s metabolism. Normally, such hormones are produced naturally by the thyroid gland in the body. Owing to evolving lifestyles, diets as well as health conditions, the body may not always be able to perform effectively thus necessitation one to take a supplement to boost the dietary intake.

This is exactly what Thyrovanz is meant for. By supplementing the hormones produced by your thyroid glands, you are assured that your metabolic processes are performing as should and thus, your energy levels would also be boosted.

Being an NDT, this is an all-natural supplement manufactured from the thyroid glands of pasture fed cows from New Zealand. Once extracted, the bovine thyroid glandular is instantly freeze-dried (lyophilized) as a way of preserving its potency and freshness. The fact that this it a dietary supplement and not prescription medicine means that it is safe for use by virtually any adult in need of the supplement.


The supplement is manufactured by Thyrovanz Ltd, and the company is extremely strict about using only pasture fed cows from New Zealand. The major reason behind this is because New Zealand has never had any outbreak of mad cow disease, better known as BSE. Also, the use of any genetically modified means of farming or production has been banned in that country. The result is a herd of very healthy prime beef cattle, fed purely on clean, green pastureland and free of any growth hormones.

When Thyrovanz claims to be all natural, it is indeed an all-natural supplement. As far as sensitive ingredients, go, the consumer can rest assured that this supplement does not contain any soy, gluten, sugar, eggs, nuts or dairy. Perhaps the only group of people this supplement would not be ideal for would be the vegans and vegetarians.

How does it Work?

When your body is making too little of the thyroid hormone, you are bound to feel its effects ranging from fatigue to low body basal temperature and even on to unexplained weight gain. As a word of caution though you may want to seek professional confirmation before instantly concluding that you are suffering from hypothyroidism. There are a host pf other conditions that could result in the same symptoms.

When it is confirmed that indeed you have hypothyroidism, then it would necessitate the need to supplement your diet with a thyroid hormone supplement which is where Thyrovanz comes in. The NDT is manufactured using active ingredients meant to regulate the thyroid hormone in the body thus allowing normal body functions to take place.

Ingredients of Thyrovanz

Thyrovanz is made entirely from bovine thyroid glandular. Naturally, this contains the thyroid hormones T4, T3, T2, T1, and Calcitonin. The downside is that exact ratios of these hormones cannot be established as it is a natural product and just as well, the ratios in one cow may vary from that in another; not by much though.

Besides the contents of the bovine thyroid glandular, other ingredients are added to aid in the manufacturing process as well as to regulate the contents of each capsule. These additional fillers include:


This is what the capsules are made of, and it comprises a mixture of gelatin powder and purified water. The gelatin is also sourced from the same cows, as long as they have been certified kosher.

Vegetable Stearate

This is also known as magnesium stearate. It is a natural fatty acid, and the reason for its inclusion is so that the manufacturing process can take place fluidly. In essence, magnesium stearate prevents the contents of the capsule from sticking to the mechanical equipment during manufacturing. This same property is what makes the capsule easy to swallow during consumption.

In this particular supplement, the vegetable stearate is sourced from palm oil which has been certified to be non-hydrogenated and free from any artificial genetic modifications.

Long Grain Rice Flour

This is a filler particular chosen for the fact that it bears relatively non-allergenic properties.


This is a very natural ingredient included in Thyrovanz so as to regulate the accuracy of dosages. It is derived from a combination of silicon and oxygen. Quite often, you may find silica being taken as a supplement on its own.

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Benefits of Thyrovanz

Thyrovanz is a Natural Desiccated Thyroid supplement meaning that it is an all-natural solution for those experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism. Just to prove how safe it is, in the United States it is classified as a whole food dietary supplement and not medication.

What this simply means is that you would need no prescription to purchase it. Of course, the laws vary from country to country, and there are those countries which require a prescription when purchasing desiccated thyroid.

As is evident from any Thyrovanz review site, the supplement hardly has any severe side effects, and results are guaranteed. Upon taking this supplement, you are bound to see positive results such as:

· Regained energy levels

· Mental clarity

· Restored thyroid functions

· Healthy metabolism


With Thyrovanz you have the option of choosing from three dosages. There is the 50mg, the 100mg, and the 300mg option. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, but each dosage is meant to suit different individuals as well as their various supplement needs.

i. 50mg Dosage

This is the lowest formulae, and it has been particularly manufactured for those who are first-time users of an NDT. Normally, you would want to start your body off slowly, moving upwards in dosages with time as opposed to starting suddenly and providing your body with an overload of hormones.

The 50mg packaging guarantees that you can receive your required dosage without necessarily having to pull the capsule apart in an attempt to reduce its contents. This dosage is also suitable for those who may be changing brands from another thyroid support supplement to Thyrovanz.

Concerning this particular dosage, adults are advised to take 1-3 capsules daily.

ii. 100mg Dosage

This formula has been manufactured for those in need of a low dose of a thyroid support supplement. The convenient size is intentional such that the dosage could be paired up with other dosages of Thyrovanz so as to achieve your daily required dosage. This should be done with care though, and a healthcare professional definitely has to be consulted.

As far as dosage goes, adults could take 1-2 capsules daily.

iii. 300mg Dosage

This is the largest dosage, and it is also the most cost effective. Those on a tight budget could easily get this and divide the capsule contents up into smaller doses. At the same time. This dosage is ideal for those whose daily supplement requirement is 300mg and above.

For this one, you should not take more than 1 capsule a day.

Regardless of whichever dosage of Thyrovanz you are taking, it would be best to consult a healthcare professional particularly if you are already taking another thyroid supplement or on any medication.

For those not on any other supplement and just starting to take Thyrovanz, it is advisable to start with 50mg a day. After about a week you could increase it by another 50mg but do not take more that 100mg just yet. The idea here is to slowly pump up your hormones and boost your energy levels without overstimulating your body. Keep increasing the dosage gradually until you arrive at the dosage that stabilized your energy levels. For some, 75mg works well enough, but others may need to get to up to 600mg daily.

For those already on another thyroid supplement and wish to make the switch to Thyrovanz, then start at a dose which matches closely to the dosage you are already on. Be prepared for different reactions by your body owing to the fact that different products are manufactured differently, and so it is not possible to make an exact dose conversion. Depending on your body’s response, therefore, decrease or increase the dose appropriately until you arrive at the ideal level for your energy needs.

Those who are on a synthetic T4 supplement and are switching to Thyrovanz will have a harder time doing so and thus definitely have to consult a doctor. This is because when already on synthetic medication, it will be harder switching to a natural one and may result in major hormonal imbalances if not handled appropriately.

What is the Ideal Time to Take Thyrovanz?

To ensure maximum efficiency of the supplement, there are three ways in which you could take the Thyrovanz capsule.

a) Early morning

The ideal way is to take the supplement immediately you wake up and on an empty stomach. This gets the hormone supplement going along with all other hormones in your body. Just be sure it is taken 1 hour before breakfast. For the coffee lovers, sadly you’ll have to wait 2 hours after taking the capsule before getting your morning fix.

b) Split Dosage

Remember how it was mentioned that the 100mg dose could be combined with another dosage? Well if you are taking them that way, then take the main/larger dose (e.g. 100mg) in the early morning at around 6am, as directed above. Then take the smaller dose (e.g. 50mg) in the afternoon at say about 2pm. This will keep your energy levels stabilized all through the day.

c) Micro Dosage

This is more work, but still just as effective. It entails dividing your entire daily dose into smaller parts of about 3-5 portions, then taking each portion between meals. Whether your dose involves 1 capsule or more, simply pull the capsules apart and divide the powdery contents into 3-5 portions. At the required time, pop each into your mouth either as it is or combined with honey to aid in the process of swallowing.

Thyrovanz in 100% safe but if the right dosage is not followed, then one runs the risk of overstimulation. You will know you have taken an overdose when you start experiencing symptoms such as:

· Increased heart rate

· Shaky feeling or very mild tremor in the hands

· Feeling hotter than usual

· Fatigue

The good news is that symptoms are normally mild and will disappear in about 24 hours. To avoid them altogether you ought to lower your dosage. In case they persist beyond this time period though, do not hesitate to seek medical attention.

How Long to Expect Results

According to Thyrovanz reviews, results vary from one individual to another. There are those who report positive results almost immediately, and yet there are those who take a couple of days or even weeks to find the exact dosage that works for them. Bottom line though, as soon as you establish the dosage ideal for you, you will immediately feel the positive impact of taking Thyrovanz.

Advantages of Thyrovanz

Cost effective: The 50mg bottle averages at about $ 21.00 while the 300mg bottle sells for about $55.00 each bottle containing 90 capsules.

All-natural: It would be very unlikely to experience any side effects while taking Thyrovanz. Then again, this is as long as you take the required dosage. As already seen above, an overdose could easily lead to overstimulation along with its undesired symptoms.

As far as statistics go, many people respond better to natural desiccated thyroid hormone as compared to synthetic thyroid hormone.

Less ingredients: Thus increasing the chances of responding positively to the supplement by reducing the chances of having a negative reaction resulting from allergies etc. Also, too many ingredients may interfere with the efficiency of a particular drug.

No prescription required: In some instances, you may have to consult a healthcare practitioner prior to taking Thyrovanz. Either way, it is an NDT and so no prescription required during purchase.

Effective: Regardless of how long it takes you to establish your ideal dosage, the bottom line is that once you have the dose figured out, then you are bound to start seeing positive results.

Easy purchase: To purchase a bottle of Thyrovanz, you do not have to make a physical appearance at a store stocking the supplement. Purchases can easily be made online, and as well, shipping is done to most countries. Keeping this in mind, there is simply no reason for anyone to miss out on the improved energy levels that come with using Thyrovanz.


As seen from this review, Thyrovanz is not only safe for use owing to the fact that it is a Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), but it is also very effective. As long as you follow the appropriate dosage, you will be back in tiptop condition feeling healthier, more energized and ready to take on the day.

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    1. No, this product isn’t available at pharmacy. It can only be bought through its online store. The link to the online store is mentioned above. Thanks for visiting this website and posting a comment.

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