Natural Desiccated Thyroid

Why Natural Desiccated Thyroid is The Most Effective Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Natural desiccated thyroid, abbreviated as NDT, and known by other names as thyroid extract or porcine thyroid, refers to a prescription medication derived from pigs’ thyroid glands. The glands are dried and then ground into powder after which it’s combined with fillers and blinders and it comes in the form of pill. It contains both of the major thyroid hormones T4 and T3.

There are many brands of Natural thyroid medication manufactured in the US and they include the following:

• Nature-throid
• Armour Thyroid
• NP Thyroid
• Natural desiccated thyroid

The History of Natural Thyroid

The world’s first case of successful treatment of hypothyroidism was in 1891 when a doctor managed to eliminate hypothyroidism symptoms using animal gland thyroid extract injections. Later on, it was discovered that glandular extracts of sheep, beef and pig could resolve hypothyroidism symptoms. However, the porcine (pig) thyroid proved most effective. This set the stage for mass production of natural thyroid and for the first 50 years of the 20th century, it was the main hypothyroidism treatment.

In 1917, researchers first isolated a synthetic form of T4 medication. This was aggressively marketed in the 1960s as an alternative to natural thyroid. In the end, natural thyroid fell out of favor.
In 1978, manufacturers of Synthroid used the research titled “Why Does Anyone Still Use Desiccated Thyroid USP” to endorse their product, which was a T4-only medication. This research had been published in the American Journal of Medicine.

But after reviewing the research above, it was later pointed out that it had several shortcomings. Some of them included the following:

• Small number of people studied
• Results were based on lab tests
• No discussion of symptoms
• Brief length of study

But the truth of the matter is that there is no long term study that has indicated that synthetic thyroid treatments are better than natural thyroid with regard to treating hypothyroidism.

Why Desiccated Thyroid Is the Preferred option in Alternative Medicine

Despite aggressive marketing by manufacturers of synthetic hypothyroidism medicine, a growing number of patients and even doctor are switching to desiccated thyroid to treat hypothyroidism. Below are some of the benefits that natural desiccated thyroid has over alternative hypothyroidism medicine.

• It is a natural product. Many people see this as a huge advantage over synthetic thyroid medications derived from the lab. Many people believe in using natural remedies to treat hypothyroidism and they believe these options are more effective than synthetic ones. This is because natural products have less or no side effects.

• Desiccated thyroid has both T3 and T4 hormones. These are the two main hormones produced by thyroid gland. It therefore appears as a better hormonal replacement option for treating hypothyroidism. There are complaints that T-4 only drugs don’t completely eliminate hypothyroidism symptoms. Patients are treated with a combination of both T4 and T3 hormones even in conventional medicine. Because desiccated thyroid extract is a natural mixture of these thyroid hormones, it goes without saying that it’s more effective for hypothyroidism treatment than thyroid drugs.

• Other than T3 and T4 hormones, desiccated thyroid also contains other active constituents that add effectiveness to the drug. It also contains other iodine sources (T1 and T2) that increase thyroid functioning. In addition, these other constituents provide additional benefits. These could actually be the reasons why some patients report feeling better as opposed to conventional thyroid drugs.

Natural desiccated thyroid vs. Synthetic T4-Only

As far as treatment of hypothyroidism and thyrovanz reviews go, you need to understand how two important thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are related. T3 is the active hormone that gives the body overall health, energy and stamina. On the other hand, T4 is thyroid storage hormone that is tasked with converting T3 in the body.

Synthetic medications like Synthroid and levithyroxine contain only T4 thyroid hormone. But there are widespread reports that T4-only medications don’t help with the conversion of T3. Majority of patients that take T4-only drugs still have hypothyroidism symptoms as well as related conditions such as high cholesterol.

Natural desiccated thyroid is the only thyroid drug that contains all 4 thyroid hormones made by our body. These are T1, T2, T3 and T4. Additionally, it also contains iodine, glandular tissue and thyroglobulin protein that have useful application in the human body.

Natural desiccated thyroid includes thyroxine and triiodothyronine. The latter is the active thyroid hormone also popularly referred to as T3.

When synthetic T4-only medications were introduced several years ago, they were launched with a lot of fanfare and marketing. They were also priced more than the natural alternatives. At the time of launching, these drugs were dubbed as “modern” and even “more reliable” than the “out of date” and “old-fashioned” natural thyroid drugs.

T4-Only Medicines may be doing More Harm than Good

To a large extent, synthetic medicines do their bit in treating hypothyroidism symptoms. However, they could expose you to harm because they put stress on adrenals which can easily cause low cortisol. In addition, patients who are treated with synthetic T-4 only drugs still suffer from hypothyroidism symptoms such as chronic low grade depression, chronic fatigue symptoms, fibromyalgia, high cholesterol, bipolar condition, amnesia, hair loss and rheumatoid arthritis.

Natural Desiccated Thyroid: The Safe and Effective Treatment for Hypothyroidism

There is no doubt that NDT is the safer and more effective way of treating hypothyroidism. Made from pigs, natural desiccated thyroid extract is a natural way of treating hypothyroidism, and in fact it’s extremely efficient. It uses dried and powdered pork glands to treat human hypothyroidism.

In addition, it is the only medication that contains all the 4 types of thyroid hormones T1, T2, T3, and T4. Since it is sourced from natural pork, it is more effective in treating the thyroid condition than the lab-generated synthetic T4-only drugs such as levithyroxine and synthroid.

Natural desiccated thyroid medication have been used to treat hypothyroidism for more than 100 years. You can get them in prescription form and they provide the body with all the 4 thyroid hormones and calcitonin. The most common brands of natural desiccated extracts are Naturethroid, Erfa and Westhroid, all of which are marketed in Canada. Although they are manufactured from pig glandular, all measures are put in place to ensure that they meet the strictest hygiene standards. Additionally, they have long proven track record.